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Window graphics San Diego, Shelltown, California

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Window graphics

Whether your objective is to foster workplace productivity and culture, provide point of sale messaging or impress clients – window graphics are an effective way to revolutionise and brand spaces.
With a wide range of products, including frosting options to create privacy, window graphics or window decals, deliver on functional and aesthetical requirements.

Our experienced team will recommend the best product and application for your needs whether it is a permanent treatment for a complete office-fit out or temporary solution for a promotional event.

Our white ink printing capabilities particularly shine when it comes to window graphics – where opacity levels can be altered to achieve varying degrees of visibility.

Window graphics San Diego Shelltown California
Window graphics San Diego Shelltown CA

Window graphics in San Diego Shelltown, CA

Custom signs and graphics in San Diego Shelltown, California.
are your company’s ticket to sharing your message in a memorable way. It’s your way of helping people see and experience what your business has to offer, and it’s also your way of reinforcing your brand with employees. Let’s look at some more specific examples of what custom graphics and custom signage can do to benefit your company.

Clear film

Printing a graphic to our optically clear window film allows you to create varying levels of privacy over glass.
Our ability to print white ink at Discus will bring added depth to your window graphic. We can achieve differing levels of colour densities and opacities through the graphic design – with diffused and solid colour. This product is commonly used in corporate and commercial environments, utilising windows to brand spaces, add to aesthetics and create privacy.

Dusted film

Dusted window film is a uniform white translucent film. It has a soft appearance, which looks like acid etched glass.
Like frosted window film, it diffuses light beautifully and creates privacy making it a great product in corporate environments. We can print four colour and white ink graphics to dusted window film – delivering varying degrees of colour contrast.

Frosted film

Frosted window film has a fine crystalline sparkle and creates a sandblasted glass effect.
It diffuses light beautifully and creates privacy making it a great product in corporate environments. We can print four colour and white ink graphics to frosted window film – delivering varying degrees of colour contrast.

One way vision

One way vision is a perforated window film that allows visibility from one side.
It is a good product to use when you need to create privacy and reduce the amount of light entering a space. One side has a printed graphic and the otherside provides visibility through the glass.

Window Signage, Graphics & Films in San Diego Shelltown, California

Windows are often the forgotten areas that can be used to extend the building signage to create greater impact, advertise short term sales, create privacy within an office, or block out heat and sun.

Various types of window sign solutions are available in San Diego Shelltown, CA. These include:

  • Frosted or dusted window film. Great for a high class and subtle approach to your signage. We use 3M Frosted window graphics normally, as it is high quality, and will last for many years. Your logo or branding can be ‘reverse cut’ out of a solid film panel applied to glass, or the lettering and logo can be cut from the film and applied to the window, leaving clear glass around it.
  • Full colour solid vinyl graphics applied directly to the glass surface. This film can be applied directly to the outside of glass, or internally. Great for either short term or long term. Perfect if you require the windows to be completely blocked out in certain areas. Why not use your windows to advertise a sale, or new release?
  • One Way Vision or Contra Vision perforated window film. Perfect for short or medium term use where you want to be able to see out the windows, but have a message on the outside. Not a block out film, so some light is still transmitted to the inside of the building. This is the same type of film used on the windows of cars, trucks and taxi’s.
  • Clear printed vinyl graphics. An optically clear solution where we print on optically clear film This allows the message still to be seen, but also you can see through the graphics to the inside of the building. This film allows for maximum visibility in to the building and maximum light transmission. A very subtle, but highly professional external window signage solution.
Window signage San Diego Shelltown California
Window signage San Diego Shelltown CA

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Custom signs and graphics in San Diego, California

Are you looking for sign company in California? YEAHGOR Sign & Design Shop owned by a professional designer with 25 years of production experience. As the professional full service sign company in California we proudly offer our customers everything they need, from logo and brand book designs to outdoor and indoor signage and car wraps.

Served locations.

YEAHGOR is a local, San Diego County-based graphic design and sign manufacturing company. It allows us to produce a large variety of custom signs and graphics  for your business promotion and identification. All the work we do in our sign shop, so you don’t have to go elsewhere to get what you need. 

And also we can easily come to your location throughout San Diego County to save your time.

Custom signs and Graphics cost.

Our work puts customers in and doesn’t cost the earth! Because our production experience and knowledge of all modern materials and local markets let us suggest the best quality and price decisions to you.

Still not decided?

With hundreds of successful projects under our belt, we can proudly say that our clients are happy to work with us. They trust our consistent service level and, more importantly, the quality of our work.

Welcome to our gallery, where you can take a quick look at samples of custom signs and graphics and auto wraps. 

Call or text YEAHGOR today at (858) 848-0929 for a friendly, informal chat and get answers to all of your questions.


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